Collaborating at Work


"A good editor doesn't rewrite words, she rewires synapses."

-S. Kelley Harrell


Client 5

Everyone Needs an Edit, Once in a While

Everyone needs a little help sometimes. In fact, I bet your favorite writers have stared long and hard at a page full of words and thought, "I should probably rewrite this... should I rewrite this?"

Client 6

Words Matter

We all know that what you say can haunt you; the internet can be a judgmental place, but with my help you won't have to worry that your words are misrepresenting you. I can help make sure that what you say is what you mean.

Client 4

Sharing is Caring

Whether its a Blog, a Resume, or a Memoir: your voice MATTERS. I'm here to help you have pride in your product.

Christopher Winter

"E.R. Gray reviewed my screenplay and provided insightful alterations to the story that I had not considered. With these revisions, I am confident that this script is polished and ready for producer submissions."
Green Typewriter


A fifteen minute consultation is free!

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